3 IT Fields with Biggest Skill Gap and Maximum Job Opportunities

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Long gone are the days when employees were expected to have a very specific skill set. Nowadays, to succeed in the professional world, potential employees need to bring a lot more to the table than the average Joe. When it comes to the employer’s expectations and the skills set that potential employees have, there is almost always a discrepancy.

However, in some fields, this difference is more apparent than others. It seems that the digital career fields have the largest skill gap among all the other disciplines. And if we zoom in further to analyze the different fields of IT, then the three fields mentioned below have the largest skill gap. The skill gap also shows that there is a lot of potential for growth and success for the right candidate.

If you are looking for a lot of jobs and growth opportunities, consider the following fields.


  1. Cloud Engineering and Infrastructure

Cloud services and technology are fast taking over our lives. Even those people who only have the most basic of interaction with computing technology would probably have had some interaction with all that the cloud has to offer. Be it something as simple as backing up your music playlist or photographs in your smartphone’s gallery to your Dropbox or Google Drive, cloud technology now plays a big part in both our personal and professional lives. As a result, there is a great need for candidates with the right skill set to analyze, design and implement all that the Cloud has the potential to give us.

Moreover, cloud engineers are always in demand to improve the existing Cloud infrastructure. Given the fact that the Cloud is a generally new concept, the experts in the field are rare. In contrast the demand is very high, with every organization demanding the most sophisticated Cloud based operation for their business. Finally, due to the fact that there aren’t many experts, the few experts need to not only be fluent in all things Cloud related, but also need to be well versed in the basics and the foundations to convey to the think tanks and the rest of the members of the organization about what they are trying to implement.


  1. Data Analysis

Generating and collecting data is easier than ever in today’s digitally driven world. With little effort, we can collect lots of relevant statistics, references, and other data. However, collection of this data is only the first step. After this comes the trickier parts. Namely, analysis of this data. Given the sheer amount of data at stake, it is only understandable that organizations want only the most skilled candidates to analyze it. However, in this field too there is a wide skill gap. In fact, the work does not end here either. Once the data has been analyzed the next step is to use that data to design and implement the appropriate strategy for the organization. This is followed by a need to figure out a way to store all of this data.


  1. Cyber Security

Understandably enough, cyber security is a big concern for most companies, organizations, and employers. With malware, viruses, cybercrimes, and hacking techniques etc. becoming more sophisticated with each passing day, the skill gap between what the organizations except from their cyber security team and what the candidates have to offer, seems to be getting wider day by day. Candidates need to keep honing their skills further and to ensure that any security measures they have in place are strong enough to withstand any cyber-attacks or attempts at breaches by the latest ransomware or malware etc.


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