5 Ways Learning Advanced Microsoft Word Skills Can Help in Your Job

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No matter which field or job position you work, it is highly probable that at some point you will be required to use Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Office programs, especially MS Word are a staple ingredient in every workplace. Which is why, it is worth your time to learn advanced Microsoft office skills. In fact, even if you aren’t currently employed and are seeking employment, having advanced Microsoft Word skills can help you become a highly eligible candidate.

Here’s why:


  1. A Template for Everything

Whether you are looking to create a resume that leaves a lasting impression, or want to nail the correct format while writing an office memo, MS Word can help you simplify the task. There are templates for everything that can make the job a whole lot easier. Just fill out the information and the templates designed for MS Word will take care of the formatting and aesthetics.


  1. One Drive and the Cloud

Today’s workplaces are primarily focused around a need for efficiency. In the course of your job there will be several instances where you will need to share your work-related documents with others or collaborate with colleagues. With One Drive and cloud services embedded directly within Microsoft Word, you can access all of your files even when you are away from your work computer, and can share them with anyone. Moreover, with the mail merge option Microsoft Word users can merge multiple Word files and mail them to people individually or as one group email. You even have the option to merge these Word files and save them as a PDF file before mailing them.


  1. A Smart Word Processor

The latest versions of Microsoft Word come equipped with the ability to run an online search directly through the program. You don’t need to launch the browser separately for research purposes. Instead, if your computer is connected to the internet then you can search from directly inside Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word also has the capacity to support add-ins such as the popular online encyclopedia Wikipedia. You can also add more add-ins that are available in the Store. The Store can also be accessed from within Microsoft Word.


  1. Tools, Plug-ins and Extensions

Microsoft Word, especially those that run on Windows Operating Systems, support a number of plug-ins and extensions that can make the writing, proofreading, and document creation process much easier. Extensions like Grammarly for Microsoft Word can allow you to write like a pro without having to worry about grammatical errors or sloppy word choices. These plug ins can be used in addition to the built-in spell checker and proofreaders, which are also quite powerful on their own. Moreover, tools like the thesaurus, translator, language preferences, find, replace, heading styles, page designing options, reviews and changes tracker, and the word counter make the writing process as intuitive and straightforward as possible.


  1. More Than Just a Word Processor

Advanced Microsoft Word users would know that it is more than just a word processor. It allows you to do a lot more than just write and create word documents. You can add infographics like tables, charts, icons, SmartArt, screenshots, and hyperlinks etc. to make your documents more informative, interactive, and visually appealing. You can even add mathematical and scientific symbols. Microsoft Word also allows you to import images and videos. These multimedia files can also be edited within Microsoft Word. Finally, with the comments and review options, you can collaborate with your colleagues, bosses and clients to ensure that all parties involved are on the same page.

You can search for a local training center of simply search online for advanced Word training. Learn how to make better resume, business proposals, and presentations. The best part is, Microsoft Word is really user-friendly and it will hardly take a few days before you can call yourself an expert.

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