7 Tips for IT students trying online learning during Corona-virus

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The Corona virus pandemic has been spreading rapidly and widely across the world. While it has rendered the dynamics of policymaking and health sector topsy-turvy, it has also transformed the face of education. Many education and training institutes are shifting to the digital realm for salvation because of the inevitability of staying indoors.


We have also launched our online live classes to let students and professionals spend their quarantine time productively.


For the IT students, especially those who were taking conventional education, online learning can be a challenging task. They are accustomed to learning in labs or classrooms under the supervision (read presence) of an instructor. Suddenly, they have to perform their tasks and assignments without any physical presence of the teacher. The students may find it difficult getting to grips with the new form of classes. Here are a few tips to make this experience easy and seamless:


Pick a Dedicated Study Area 

You would not want your family’s chitchat (which is quite a possibility, as everybody is home these days and have little much to do) to reach your teacher and fellow students. Also, you would not want to get distracted by what is streaming on the TV right in the middle of the class.


So, choose a dedicated study space to take online classes. Remove all the distractions from this space. Make sure that this space is not your bed or sofa.


Test the Learning Software Beforehand

Test the video-conferencing sire your teacher will use before the first class. This is just like finding the classroom on the first day. That will help to save the initial 15-20 minutes of the class that usually go to setting up a camera or audio. Instead of finding which button unmutes you, you can understand the lecture being told.


Moreover, ask your teacher to enable the screen-sharing option. That will help with learning the new software just like in an IT lab.


Practice Time Management 

Online classes are more convenient, as you can take them from the comfort of your home. However, this convenience takes a huge toll on the daily routine of a student. Most students become couch potatoes and do not even realize where their time goes.

Take the online classes as an opportunity to work or learn more, given that you do not have to spend half a day in the college or university. Create a schedule and set aside time for the classes, assignments, and other tasks related to the study.


Actively Participate 

Online classes are relatively less active, as the students are not physically present before the teacher. The chances are high that your mind may start its own voyage while the teacher is telling you about coding and programming. However, practice self-control.

Another way to prevent the mind from wandering is to participate in the class. Ask questions and respond actively in the class. It will help maintain focus during the class.


Take Notes 

Another technique to retain focus during the online lecture is note-taking. One can take notes on the notebook or the computer. Note-taking boosts comprehension, promotes active thinking, and increases the attention span. It is an effective way of knowledge internalization in both online lectures and a conventional classroom.

If you are more comfortable with taking notes digitally, many apps are available that can help synthesize the key points and assist in note-taking.


Form Study Groups 

As everything is occurring online these days, study groups can be made in a virtual setting too. Use apps like Skype or Google Hangouts for discussion and collaborate on Google to Drive. Schedule meetings daily or at least once a week. However, do not let the discussions distract from studies for long.


Be Organized 

Apart from creating a schedule, use a planner or a checklist to catch up with the academic commitments. Moreover, use Google Calendar to be reminded of your classes and other meetings. Staying at home usually means losing touch with the daily updates or keeping up with what date or day today is.

Also, turn on all notifications of the software being used for online classes. Otherwise, there is a risk of missing out on the changes in class schedule or variations in deadlines for class assignments.

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