Why & How to become an Adobe Certified Expert

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Adobe family of creatively integrated products is an important tool when it comes to marketing and advertising. Whether you are working as a web or graphic designer, videographer, own a production studio, or an advertising and marketing professional, being an expert in Adobe products is always a plus. Even if you are not familiar with all of the Adobe products, you have heard of Photoshop and Adobe illustrator at some point in your life.

Why you should become an Adobe Certified Expert?

If you are looking for a job in the field of digital media marketing, you need to convince your employer that you have the skillset to leverage Adobe products and make the most out of them. Having Adobe certification does that for you. This certification not just adds five stars to your resume and make you the perfect candidate for a variety of digital media-related job. It also adds your name to the database of Adobe Certified Experts. This helps the clients or employers who want to hire you, easily find you.

Benefits of becoming an Adobe Certified Expert:

Adobe certification has various benefits for those who want to excel in the field of digital media and marketing. These benefits are discussed below.

Improvement in adobe application skills:

If you already have the knowledge and expertise to leverage Adobe products but you want to upgrade your skills, then there is no better way than getting Adobe certification. Whether you own a production studio or working as a designer in a digital firm, these upgraded skills will help you get more business or promotion. You will stand out of the rest of your team members and will be able to satisfy your employer or client even better.

Better chances of getting hired:

Having Adobe certification on your resume takes you a long way. It helps you get noticed by employers and your potential clients. It gives a competitive advantage over other candidates applying for the same job. Employers prefer to hire professionals and with Adobe certification you prove them that you right for the position they have opened. If you want to get noticed and fast-tracked by well-versed companies in the market, then invest in getting an Adobe certification.

Increase your salary potential:

In order to increase your value to your employer, you need to prove your skills. You can prove your digital marketing and advertising skills through Adobe certification. Adobe Certified Experts are considered more productive, competent and credible by their supervisors. Your Adobe Certification will make you a valuable asset of the company. You will become a valued talent for the employers and they will try to retain you by offering a handsome salary.

Increase your professional confidence:

Your Adobe Certification status makes you more credible. Your talent and skill set is desired by established companies. The respect and recognition you earn from employers boost your confidence and positively impact your overall personality.

How to become an Adobe Certified Expert?

In order to become an Adobe Certified Expert, you need to study, practice and pass the exam that tests your skills in a particular Adobe product. Adobe Certification exam consists of 75 multiple-choice questions designed to assess your Adobe proficiency. This exam evaluates your ability and knowledge to use Adobe products in real-life situations. You need to score at least  69% to pass the Adobe certification exam and call yourself an Adobe certified professional.

How to sign up for the ACE exam?

It’s very simple and easy to sign up for ACE exam. All you need is to visit Adobe’s certification page, find the signup section. Select a location, time and date. Use a credit card to make the payment or be invoiced. In order to learn new update on Adobe certification, keep on checking the Adobe certification’s website.

How to Prepare for the ACE Exam?

You can download free exam guides available on the internet to start preparing for Adobe Certification Exam. You will find the downloadable link to the free study guide with the information on the exam you are interested in taking. The other options include:

  • Element K Adobe online training
  • Total Training Tutorials and materials
  • The “Classroom in a Book” series
  • Instruction from an authorized Training institute

Certifications help you stand out from the rest. In this fast paced world of technology, having the basic Adobe knowledge is not enough. You need to be an expert in the field to make your mark. To prove your adobe skills and expertise to the employers, you should pass the Adobe Certification Exam and become an expert.

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