Best computer courses for MBA or Business students

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Whether you are a fresh graduate looking to make a career using your IT degree. Or are an experienced IT professional looking for a career change, here is the ideal list of career options for an IT professional.

Project Manager

Easily the best and the most suitable job for MBA graduates is to become a project manager and for that they can consider courses like Microsoft Project or the more advanced ones like PMP. Note that PMP certifications is for professionals with some years of experience. If you are just starting, you can consider CAPM.

IT Consultant

Almost all individuals and companies today rely on computers and computing devices to some extent. These devices can often malfunction or break down. At times like these, an IT consultant can be a much-desired commodity. By opting for a career as an IT professional, you can work with these individuals and companies to help tackle such issues. You can either opt for a full-time career with some company, or you can keep your options open by working on a per project basis with several clients.

Security Officer

Most modern security devices like surveillance cameras, navigation devices, trackers, CCTV cameras, alarm systems etc. rely on computing systems. On the backend, there are often complex computing systems in play. To make sure that these devices continue working without a glitch, an IT professional can use their superior understanding of computing systems to keep these devices working in optimal condition.

Cloud Architect

Cloud based technology is the future. This virtual storage space holds the key to several technological advancements. However, like all things, the cloud too needs someone to organize and manage it. This is where a cloud architect comes in. As an IT professional, you have the desired skills and understanding of how both computing systems and the cloud operate.

Data Analyst and Modeler

As more and more businesses and operations rely on computers, the need for a data analyst and modeler becomes even more prevalent. As the day to day operations proceed, a lot of data is generated. Seamless channeling, decoding and understanding of this data can help these businesses operate more effectively and efficiently. An IT professional has the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve just that.


A good teacher can shape the future of many aspiring IT professionals. What makes a teacher good is not only the extent of their knowledge but also their experiences and the tips and tricks they might have picked up across the way.

By sharing these with future IT professionals, you will not only have a satisfying career but will also be preparing these students for the challenges awaiting them.


One undeniable truth about the technological and digital world is that it is always evolving. You can always expect an update or the latest version to become available. While that in its self is a good thing, but on the downside, it means that keeping up to date with the latest technology can be quite a challenge. Any manual or instructions that are written become obsolete fairly fast.

This is where IT professionals can effectively utilize their skills and expertise. Put your writing chops to good use and start writing about technologies and solutions that will help businesses.

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