Best Computer Science Subjects for 2018

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Computing devices have become an integral part of our lives. The use of computer is not limited to IT professionals. Students and professionals from all walk of lives need to have a working knowledge of devices like computer, laptop, or smartphones.

Computer science is a lucrative field for sure but it is not an easy field. This is because, the competition is huge and new technologies mean a constant need of learning.

It is important to choose your subjects carefully because specialization matters. Following are some of the best computer science subjects and courses that you should be looking into in 2018.

Coding and Programming Languages

This is probably the first subject that comes to mind when someone considers pursing an education in some subject of computer science. For the past few years it has been quite popular and it seems to remain so in 2018 as well. Learning how to code and program in one or more programming languages can be a great skill to have. It allows you to understand how computing devices work under the hood, and then use this knowledge to create new programs, software, or updates to current ones.

Computer Simulation

This subject of computer science allows students to conceptualize real-life problems and apply their knowledge and expertise of computing devices to engineer a solution. This is done by creating computer simulations that imitate the real-life problem. This gives the students the freedom to experiment, tweak their designs and ideas, and to explore new avenues without exhausting resources, and it also allows them to predict the results of the proposed solution.

Computer Networking

Those who are trained in the subject of computer networking are able to engineer, modify and maintain network infrastructure, software, maintain and troubleshoot networking issues. This makes computer networking another great subject of computer science in 2018 with a lot of scope and potential for growth.

Operating Systems

A sound knowledge and understanding of the various operating systems that are available is needed to properly navigate our way through the world of computers. This is why operating systems is one of the best computer science subjects for 2018. With new updates being rolled out every year, it remains important to stay up-to-date about the latest developments in the field of operating systems. This subject also covers the main areas of Local Area Networking, Wide Area Networking, Data recovery, Linux Network Operating Systems, and a lot more.

Software Engineering

This subject of computer science builds up on the skills and knowledge acquired by pursuing the subjects pertaining to programming languages and operating systems to create, modify and debug software that are designed to improve the computer experience of all types of users. A four-year degree in this subject will equip you with most of the tools of the trade you might need to function in the world of computer science.

Web Design and Development

From creating websites to improving the user-friendliness of the current websites, Web Design and Development is a greatly popular computer science subject in 2018.  It teaches you how to create interactive web pages that are designed to improve user experience (UX).

Artificial Intelligence

This vast subject of computer science is much in demand in 2018. It deals with learning how to engineer, control and program robots and other devices with artificial intelligence. Courses in this subject range from providing a theoretical introduction to the world of robotics, to demonstrations and practical experiences in designing, engineering and programming these robots. The real-life applications of this computer science subject are quite limitless.

All of these subjects are available in a variety of formats. These range from full-fledged degree courses to short, certificate courses. You can also find both online and institute-based courses to better suit your requirements and preferences.

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