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How to be a Video Editor?

With the evolution of the Internet and video sharing platform like YouTube, many new careers have been introduced. It has allowed a number…
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Why & How to become an Adobe Certified Expert

Adobe family of creatively integrated products is an important tool when it comes to marketing and advertising. Whether you are working as a…
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Five biggest mistakes IT students make

We all make mistakes. That is how we learn and grow. However, facing up to your mistakes and learning from them is what…
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The Recent awards and Recognitions for New Horizons Abu Dhabi

Awards or recognitions hold great importance for the training institutes. They just don’t add to the credibility of the institutes but also benefit…
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Microsoft Project and the advantages of becoming a certified professional

Microsoft Project was developed by Microsoft in 1984. The application is designed to help project managers and entrepreneurs develop processes to smoothly run…
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Web development trends to lookout for

The web is heavily ingrained in our daily lives as we become more and more immersed into the surreal world of the World…
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Five qualities you must have to succeed in IT profession

With computers becoming more important than ever, every business needs a dependable IT staff. This means there is a huge demand for IT…
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Why You Must Pursue Professional Certifications

Professional certifications are more than just a way to add a string of titles that sound fancy after your name. They offer a…
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Career benefits of SAP certification

With technology taking over every tiny detail of our lives, it is no surprise that IT has become a lucrative and sought after…
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best short courses

Best Short Courses in Abu Dhabi

Short courses are a great way to start or grow your professional career. A short course is not the alternative to college degree…
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