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We are offering world class training and certifications for Information security experts in Abu Dhabi.

Every business organization wants protection against information security intruders. Therefore, computer security is an important part of the modern IT infrastructure safety. The basic purpose of introducing Information Security Courses is to help students understand different risk factors and ways to secure systems at these risks.

The students undergoing Information Security training will be able to develop important concepts that can be applied to protect information. You will be able to understand complex security concepts and apply them. The courses are designed to cover both strategic and operational aspects of information security.

Here are some important learning outcomes that students should expect when taking Information Security Courses:

  1. Understanding the threats to information security and ways to protect businesses against them
  2. Develop conceptual base of different safeguards necessary to prevent information security breaches

There are many important areas of information security covered by the courses which include identification of vulnerabilities to information, minimization of risk levels, risk analysis, testing of vulnerabilities, implementation of access controls and performing security audits.


CEH or Certified Ethical Hacker gives you the ability to think like a hacker in order to defend against online attacks. CEH is one of the most important information security training programs available in the market and very similar in nature to Penetration Tester.


Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification is globally recognized which ensures that an individual has attained sufficient level of knowledge to become expert in information security. The different aspects of CISSP include design, architecture, management and security of business environments.


The most important foundation principles of network security are covered by Security+. Some crucial Information Security topics covered by this certification include identity management, access control and cryptography.

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