Five biggest mistakes IT students make

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We all make mistakes. That is how we learn and grow. However, facing up to your mistakes and learning from them is what makes all the difference. If you confront and accept your mistakes and weaknesses in time, you can overcome them and prepare yourself for the challenges that the future holds. This is especially important if you are an IT student. The field of Information Technology is one of the fastest-growing fields in the world.

One little mistake can wreak havoc on your career. Therefore, it’s important to learn from your mistakes, stay updated and constantly try to improve yourself as a professional.

Here are five common mistakes IT students make:


The temptation to procrastinate is hard to overcome. There are various reasons why IT students procrastinate. It could be the fear of the outcomes, distractions, perfectionism, lack of motivation and uncomfortable studying environment. Procrastination is very risky for IT students. Since the field of information technology is fast pacing, procrastination can lead to disappointing outcomes. In order to keep pace with the fast-growing IT sector, you need to overcome your procrastination habit. Prioritize what is important and put all of your efforts to achieve your goals.

Fixed mindset:

Your mindset matters a lot when it comes to learning a new skill. If you have decided there is something you cannot do, you will not even try. Majority of the times, tasks only appear difficult only when you haven’t tried them. They get simplified only when you put some effort. Being an IT student, you should learn the fact that success does not come easy. You need to put some effort to achieve your goals. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Once you get out of comfort zone, nothing seems impossible. Try to learn new codes, languages, and techniques and improve yourself as a professional.

Unhealthy diet:

Majority of us are only aware of the physical health problems that unhealthy and uncontrolled diet causes. We often ignore the unhealthy effects it has on your mind. What you eat has a big impact on your cognitive health. Food items are rich in refined carbs, sugar, unhealthy fats and processed foods damage your brain. They lead to problems such as impaired memory and learning. They make you more prone to developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

As an IT student, you should always be prepared to learn. In order to stay active, you need to add more fresh greens to your diet. Nuts and raisins keep your mind sharp and help you memorize things better. A healthy gut leads to a healthier mind. If your gut health is upset, you will feel depressed.

Processed and packaged items contain a list of ingredients that you don’t know about. These ingredients often make your cells insulin resistant and increase your chances of developing diabetes.

In order to make sure that your brain is functioning optimally, add healthy food items to your diet. It will help you perform better as a student.

You are not getting enough sleep:

There are various causes that lead to disturbed sleep pattern. Sometimes it’s your sedentary lifestyle that makes it hard for you to sleep. The other times it is some projects or assignments that you need to do. Sometimes you are emotionally too disturbed to sleep. Fixing your sleep pattern can actually improve your performance and help you excel in the field of IT.

One of the best ways to fix your sleeping habits is to stop using your cellphone at least two hours before bed. Using phone late at night speeds up your brain activity. In order to relax your mind, you need to let go of your cellphone before you get ready to sleep.

Another great way to fix your upset sleep pattern is to add running to your daily routine. If you walk 10000 steps a day, you are tired by the evening. This makes it easier for you to fall asleep right after you hit your bed.

Not learning new skills:

Information Technology is one of the fastest-growing fields and it is also the fastest evolving one. Every day, there is new technology, skill, or certification in the market. In order to excel in this field, you need to constantly update your skills, knowledge, tools, and practices. Students who fail to keep up with the ever-evolving field of IT end up lagging behind. The key to success in this field is to never stop learning. Update your skills, tools, and techniques to evolve with the needs of the industry.

If you want to do well in the field of IT, make sure you are working on building the right habits. Sleep early, wake up fresh and learn new skills every day.

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