Health & Fitness Tips for IT Professionals

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IT is one of those fields that evolve constantly. That makes the life of an IT professional extremely hectic. Their jobs are sedentary as they have to spend most of their time in front of their computer screens. These people are at high risk of getting health problems such as high cholesterol, heart diseases and arthritis. Their work is stressful and lack of activity makes it hard for them to find time to care for their body. However, by taking small steps towards fitness they can gain control of their health.

No! You don’t need to join a gym to ensure your fitness. By following and adhering to a few simple practices you can make sure that your mind and body is healthy and ready to take over the challenges in the longer run. So, without further ado, following are the health tips you need to follow to stay at the top of your health while working as an IT professional.

Starting your day healthy:

It’s very important for people with a sedentary lifestyle to have a healthy start of the day. This enables them to lead a healthy life. The best way to start your work day is to have a healthy breakfast. Experts call it the most important meal of the day. People with hectic work hours often skip breakfast just to reach at work on time. That leads to low energy levels throughout the day and most IT professionals resort to unhealthy snacks and cups after cups of coffee. This makes their situation even worse and causes digestive problems. Starting off your day with a healthy breakfast isn’t as hard. You can eat a bowl of cornflakes with fruits to level up your energy levels.

Another great way to start your day is to walk or cycle your way to the office. This not only burns your calories but also releases endorphins to keep your mood good all day.

Avoid untimely snacking:

Unnecessary snacking is the worst thing you can do to your health. For IT professionals it’s very easy to give into snacking as they have a lot of brainwork to do. It’s a way for them to avoid getting bored while sitting behind the desk for 7-8 hours.

If you want to nibble on something while working, try to swap your bag of chips with a handful of nuts and raisins. Or eat an apple or banana when you feel like snacking.

Drink more water and intake juices and shakes:

Drinking 8 glasses of water it’s important to make sure that your body is functioning properly. Moreover, it also helps you to feel fuller so that you don’t give into unhealthy snacking. It keeps your mind fresh and detoxifies your body by washing away toxins that cause health problems.

If you find it hard to consume a hearty breakfast, switch it with a smoothie rich in strawberries, banana and kale. Drink citrus juices to provide your body with the right amount of vitamin C.

Indulge in breathing Exercises:

Apart from eating healthy, you can also take part in strenuous activities that enable you to remain at the top of your fitness. Stress is one of those factors that take a toll on both our mental and physical health. Simple breathing exercises provide you an exceptional way to release your stress and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Breathing exercises not only keep your body healthy but also your mind. It helps you to let go of the stress and get into a regimented life.

Exercises that can be performed on desk:

The majority of the times IT professionals find it hard to take time out of their life to indulge in a rigorous exercise. That doesn’t mean they cannot get their body to move. There are various exercises such as stretching that you can do while you take a break from work. You can perform some of these activities while sitting down. This means you can get into a fitness regimen without taking time away from work. These simple exercises let professionals cope with the stress and lethargy that takes over as you sit for long hours to work.

Sitting in front of your computer all day drains you both mentally and physically. Balance your work and personal life by adding some healthy habits to your routine. Remember health comes first.

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