How to be a Video Editor?

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With the evolution of the Internet and video sharing platform like YouTube, many new careers have been introduced. It has allowed a number of video bloggers or artists to embrace their passion and make money from it. If you are wondering how to start a video channel or simply work as a video editor for another business who wants to make the most of video marketing, then keep on reading.

What is video-editing?

Video-editing is defined as the manipulation of images for the purpose of entertaining or informing an audience. Video editors combine digital technology and their creative skills to transform raw filmed material into an organized format ready to be distributed.

Post-production process matters a lot in making or breaking a project. Therefore, video editing is recognized as one of those forms of art that deserve to be acknowledged at entertainment festivals and awards shows.

What is the career of video- editing like?

Majority of the video and film editors have their own studios to work at. Some have their office settings within their home. It provides them the flexibility to work at their convenience.  Almost all the work related to video editing is done using different software on the computer. In order to work as a video editor, you need to be trained in using this editing software.

Education needed to pursue the field of video editing:

In order to land the position of an editor, you are required you have a bachelor’s degree in majors associated with film or broadcasting, for example, Mass Communication. A number of colleges now offer courses in cinematography or video-editing software. These courses help you learn both film theory and provide you with practical video editing training.

On the job training is another way of learning this skill. You can even train in just one specific software and land a job in the firm that requires the specific training and the skill you have.


Required skills:


  • Good communication skills:

Good communication skills matter a lot in the field of video editing. You need to capture the vision of the client and put it on the reel. A good video editor knows how to communicate with all the members of the production team.

  • Computer skills:

Having knowledge of sophisticated editing software is a must to enter the field of video editing.

  • Creativity:

Since video editing is a form of art, the editor needs to have the ability to think out of the box in order to pursue a career in video editing.

  • Attention to detail:

Attention to detail matters a lot when it comes to editing a video. Editors look at every frame in detail to decide whether it should be a part of the film or not.

  • Visual skills:

It is a must for the video editor to have excellent visual skills. He should be clearly able to see what he is editing or filming and if that fits the vision of the director.


What do video editors do?

Some of the things that video editors have to do include:

  • Film/video editing:

Video editors are hired to edit footages for television channels, news, motion pictures, sports events, fashion shows, documentaries and much more. Each type of footage requires unique editing skills. It is the responsibility of the video editor to produce the end product that meets the interests of his target audience.

  • Turning raw footage into distributable format:

Videography is not all about capturing footage. It is the end product that matters the most. Video-editors do that for you. They digitally edit the footage and make it appealing for the target audience.

  • Meeting specific requirements of the clients:

In order to deliver an exceptional experience, it’s important for the editor to learn the overall idea behind the production. A video editor needs to work closely with the director to understand his vision.

  • Using your own ideas to improve a scene:

A video-editor knows what is trending. He understands what will attract the respective audience. Therefore, he should discuss the editing techniques with the director to improve the quality of the content.

  • Bring the director’s vision to life:

The success of a video editor can be determined by the experience he is able to deliver. Therefore, he needs to listen what the director requires and work hard toward achieving his vision.

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