Microsoft Project and the advantages of becoming a certified professional

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Microsoft Project was developed by Microsoft in 1984. The application is designed to help project managers and entrepreneurs develop processes to smoothly run their operations. It allows you to create a plan, monitor project progress, manage budget and analyze workload.

If you are working as a project manager and want to stand out in your field, then you should plan on getting a Microsoft project certification. Majority of the organizations want to hire certified professionals. Having this certification makes you a potential candidate for the position of a project manager. When you complete this certification, you acquire a skill set of higher caliber as compared to the uncertified candidates. If you want to get that promotion or to land your dream job, Microsoft project certification is the way to go.

Here are some of the benefits of completing the Microsoft project certification.

Microsoft project certification helps you grow in this digital era:

In the 21st century, digitalizing its services and operations is the only way for any industry to survive the highly competing market. Majority of these companies have switched from the conventional methods of data monitoring to Microsoft suites. They entirely rely on this software for the management of their projects. Therefore, they no longer hire people who are computer illiterate. In order to thrive in this era of high market competition, these organizations require individuals who are adept in the field of Microsoft. This means an individual with Microsoft project certification will be the first choice of these companies.

Microsoft project certification helps you improve your existing skills:

If you want to improve your existing Microsoft skill-set, then getting Microsoft project certification is the most ideal way. Microsoft project training helps you learn how to deal with the change in the working environment. You learn how to engage and manage stakeholders. It helps you improve your communication skills. Moreover, it enables you to work and communicate better within and out of the team. You learn leadership skills and how to resolve conflicts within your team. All in all, it helps you perform better as an employee and a leader.

Microsoft project certification helps you Learn New Skills:

When you register for Microsoft project certification, you get to learn new skills that help you excel in your field. It also helps you get a new perspective on everything you already know. Microsoft project training helps you learn effective risk management skills. You learn how to plan projects, execute them in a timely manner and monitor the progress afterward. Completing Microsoft project certification will help you get a better understanding of costing, the Procurement process, and value management.

Microsoft project certification boosts your confidence:

Microsoft Project Certification improves the efficiency of your work. It enables you to accurately understand what your clients require. Once you understand the project assigned to you, you make the best use of your skill set and the available resources. Having all that takes to efficiently complete a project boosts your confidence. You identify the risk factors easily and put your best foot forward to manage them. Having the confidence that you have all that takes to manage projects effectively enables you to embrace greater opportunities and bring your skill set into play.

Microsoft project certification helps you manage the projects for your small business:

If you are planning to start your own business but have a small budget, then having Microsoft project training can help you manage major operations of your business. Many small business owners believe developing processes will complicate their operations. That’s far from true. In order to run your small business or even a company of one person, it’s important to have a standard approach to executing projects.

If you cannot afford to hire a team of professionals to handle planning, scheduling, and budgeting for your business, then you need to learn to do that all by yourself. By acquiring Microsoft project skills, you can effectively monitor your projects and keep their record.


Whether you are searching for a job or planning to start your own business, having Microsoft project certification goes a long way. It helps you develop a process and makes it easier to for you monitor your operations.

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