The Recent awards and Recognitions for New Horizons Abu Dhabi

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Awards or recognitions hold great importance for the training institutes. They just don’t add to the credibility of the institutes but also benefit the students or professionals who get the training from these institutes.

Candidates who have earned certifications from these institutes or have participated in their training programs hold a competitive advantage over the candidates who are coming from lesser known training centers. Companies and organizations prefer institutes with recognition when they are choosing a training program or professionals.

New Horizons (Abu Dhabi) has recently won a series of awards. Here’s why we think it’s great for all our present and past students:

Improve credibility:

When you are placed on a list like “Top 10 best training institutes”, clients will take you more seriously before even researching your background. This can only happen if you have earned awards for performing the best in your field.


The best way to build trust, lead or be an authority in a market is to get the validation from renowned sources. Increased awareness and third-party validation are only a few of the benefit these awards offer. You can use them as sales tools to attract more clients.

Morale boost:

People like to be associated with a recognized institute. When an institute is recognized by an outside source, for example, a reputed publication or an industry association, its impact is far greater than internal recognition.

Attract talent: 

The success of an institute depends upon its staff. Having earned an award, the institute gets a chance to attract more talent. More and more talented and experienced instructors are ready to provide their services.

In short, it’s a win-win situation for everybody involved. And now, let’s have a look at some awards and accolades that we’ve received for the year 2018.


Turnaround Award of the Year:

This title is awarded to the institutes which have a high turnaround year over year. Institutes are selected from North American and the International market. The institute that has won this award is recognized as the fastest growing center within the IC2018 award year and the IC2019 award year.

Five Star Award of the Year:

This title is awarded to those institutes which have produced excellent results in five chief areas of performance. These areas include:

  1. Growth of Revenue
  2. Penetration in the market
  3. Quality of the Learning Experience
  4. Strategic Alignment
  5. Promise to demonstrate the standard network Values

Platinum Honorees – President Club Awards

This title is awarded to the highly selected group of Education Consultants, Account Executives, Enterprise Account Managers and Government Account Managers who have outperformed in their roles. This award is awarded at the International Conference to honor President’s Club salespeople.

President’s Club – One in a Million Award

This title is awarded to honor President’s Club salespeople who have noticeably performed in the field of accounting, education consultation, government account management, and Enterprise Account Management.

Appreciation Award – MoD Abu Dhabi

This title is awarded to those institutes which have outperformed in key areas of performance and have developed customer reliance in the market. Appreciation Award – MoD Abu Dhabi was presented by Ministry of Defense UAE.

New Horizons Abu Dhabi has a history of getting many different awards and accolades. But your continued trust is the biggest reward. We will continue to perform to our high standards and exceed your expectations.


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