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The web is heavily ingrained in our daily lives as we become more and more immersed into the surreal world of the World Wide Web. The demand for a web developer is now sky high and so is the scope as new technologies are constantly emerging and user expectations constantly evolving.

Every new development has a lot going on behind the scenes that the user is blissfully unaware of. However, for the web designer or developers, it can take days and weeks and even months of hard work.

Moreover, the job is never done on the ever-changing landscape of the internet. Newer, better, faster trends are always at bay and a web developer is always on his/her toes trying to keep up with them.

Some promising trends that the year 2018 brought and are likely to trickle down into 2019 are:

  1. Mobile compatibility

Pew research centre states that approximately 80% of Americans own smartphones, which means that they must also be constantly connected to the internet. This survey also leads to a realization that now more and more people prefer connectivity via smartphones and not laptops or desktops. Moreover, more and more online purchases are being done via smartphones now.

This information basically means that companies who did not use 2018, should utilize 2019 in optimizing their web pages for mobile devices. If they do not do that, then the loss of customers and sales will be at their own hands.

  1. Single page websites

A survey conducted states that 52.2% of all web traffic was generated through smartphones. This may not be an earth shattering news as this trend has steadily shown an incline with each passing year. However, the call of today is to re-design webpages that make mobile users their priority.

This comprehension led to the advent of single page websites that as the name suggests contain one long webpage without any navigational system or menu. The user only needs to scroll down or select anchor links to go to the relevant section.

More and more websites are adopting the single page trend, and a lot more are only expected to follow in 2019.

  1. Machine learning and AI

The ever growing and revolutionizing trend of the IT world is Artificial Intelligence (AI) that never ceases to amaze people on what can machines do next? Have you noticed things that you are searching on Google are showed to you in the form of ads on Facebook? What about the fact that the suggested people for your friend list and the suggested events on Facebook are also 100% relevant to you?

All these surprises should be credited to AI and machine learning. Now Facebook and Google know us so well from what we share and what we search for, that they have learnt about our likes, dislikes and inclinations which enables them t show content based on our preferences only. This trend though has taken the internet world already by a storm in 2018, will be more revolutionized in 2019.

  1. Impressive customer experience and chat-bots

Customer satisfaction was and should be the top priorities of any company. However, now the well-educated and well exposed customer also wants more and better. They will not suffice at just a 9am to 5pm service. Customers want answers and access 24/7. Thanks to chat-bots, customers can get help anytime of the day. Chat-bots are virtual assistants that help us out with our many queries. Moreover, they save companies the cost of human resources and increase efficiency. Found on Amazon and Emirates and many more webpages, they are becoming a norm. Web developers should be aware of the technology behind them and should be able to build it into websites.

  1. Progressive web apps

Progressive web apps (PWA) were introduced in 2015 and there has been no looking back for this invention since then. Progressive web apps have an experience similar to that of any mobile app however, they are web pages that run on browser and do not need to be installed. They offer the best of both web pages and apps. As the user uses PWA more and more, it becomes stronger. Soon PWA starts working on slow to no internet, sending push notifications, and loading on full screen.

Smart features of the progressive web app such as fast conversion, better security, more customer engagement, faster loading, etc. give us the hope that PWA will be made main stream in 2019.

If you are someone that likes revolution in their workplace then the field of web development and design may be for you. Web developers are constantly on their toes; learning about new trends, adopting to them and improving them. Even after years of experience, the learning process does not end for a web developer. If you are someone who prefers change over stability, then a career in web designing may be for you!

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