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7 Tips for IT students trying online learning during Corona-virus

The Corona virus pandemic has been spreading rapidly and widely across the world. While it has rendered the dynamics of policymaking and health sector topsy-turvy, it has also transformed the face of education. Many education and training institutes are shifting…
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Health & Fitness Tips for IT Professionals

IT is one of those fields that evolve constantly. That makes the life of an IT professional extremely hectic. Their jobs are sedentary as they have to spend most of their time in front of their computer screens. These people…

How to Become a Graphic Designer

Want to be a graphic designer? There are not many college degrees or programs that help you specialize in graphic design. Many people who are working and earning quite well do not have a proper degree. However, there are plenty…

How to Prepare for an Oracle Certification Exam

Are you ready to join 1.5 million Oracle certified professionals?  Getting certified can be hard, even for the professionals. Taking a certification exam without proper study plan will only lead to failure. No matter how confident you are of your…

Five Steps to Land Your Dream IT Job In 2020

January and February are the best two months to be looking for a job according to Career Side Kick. Another study conducted by LinkedIn revealed that millennial shift jobs more frequent than Generation X. But it is never too late…

Top 4 Job Oriented Courses in Abu Dhabi

If you are planning to advance your career in the industry of Information Technology, there is no better way than getting certified. From healthcare to education, government and entertainment industry, the expertise of IT professionals is required in almost every…

How to be a Video Editor?

With the evolution of the Internet and video sharing platform like YouTube, many new careers have been introduced. It has allowed a number of video bloggers or artists to embrace their passion and make money from it. If you are…

Why & How to become an Adobe Certified Expert

Adobe family of creatively integrated products is an important tool when it comes to marketing and advertising. Whether you are working as a web or graphic designer, videographer, own a production studio, or an advertising and marketing professional, being an…

Five biggest mistakes IT students make

We all make mistakes. That is how we learn and grow. However, facing up to your mistakes and learning from them is what makes all the difference. If you confront and accept your mistakes and weaknesses in time, you can…