Visual Studio Certifications

Visual studio certifications are some of the most highly sought qualification for IT professionals. These certifications are a must if you are looking to become a Windows app or web application developer. Starting from the MTA, MCSA Web Applications, and MCSA Universal Windows platform to the more advanced ones like MCSD App builder or MCSD Web Applications.

We’ve got the trainers, experience, and the resources to provide all necessary training for earning these certifications. Low quality software is a bane of many organizations, costing billions of dollars each year, which is why talented, efficient application developers are always in high demand.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 is a software development suite that lets you rapidly develop top-notch applications to enhance the efficiency of your organization / client.

What you’ll learn

Once you’ve taken our classes, you’ll be able to leverage all the latest developments from Microsoft including ribbon UI components, mobile development using Azure Cloud, IntelliTrace, and MS Sharepoint for collaborating with your team, along with powerful site design tools such as Silverlight, JQuery, JavaScript, AJAX, and ASP.NET. Obviously, desktop applications can be built rapidly, and to the total satisfaction of your clients, using tools such as Visual C++, Visual C# and Visual BASIC.You’ll also be able to augment MS Office documents with custom add-ons, which are extremely valuable for small-to-medium sized businesses that can’t afford large scale database applications.

What you’ll gain

After taking training from New Horizons, you will be a true professional in rapid application development, being able to take advantage of all the enhancements offered by Microsoft under the .NET Framework umbrella which brings together all forms of devices to perform in a seamless fashion.

MS Visual Studio 2012

With the market shifting towards Windows 8/8.1, the newer iteration of MS Visual Studio has great potential for future professional development. With the skills we provide you, you will be able to effectively tackle the courses offered for this version, and thus expand your professional capabilities without jumping head-on into unfamiliar territory.

MCSD: Web Applications

MCSD - Windows Store Apps Using C#

MCSD: Windows Store Apps

Custom Requests/Older Versions Training

We do provide training for older versions or custom requested outline/courses, please contact our Education Consultant to get more details.

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