New Horizons is the leading CertNexus Certified Training institute in Abu Dhabi.

CertNexus is the global purveyor of vendor-neutral, emerging technology certifications and micro-credentials for IT, business, and security professionals. CertNexus’ exams meet the most rigorous development standards possible, which outline a global framework for developing personnel certification programs to narrow the widening skills gap.

CertNexus partners with highly knowledgeable and talented industry experts to ensure the integrity and quality of each exam, with many conforming to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 17024:2012 standard.

At New Horizons, we make sure that only the highly qualified tutors are there to train students. In addition to the basic knowledge transferred to students, every effort is made to provide them with real-life examples and training to ensure they are able to take on real jobs.  

Here’s why you must consider New Horizons for your next CertNexus Trainings.

  • We provide highly relevant and updated training programs to our students.
  • The teachers ensure that practice lessons will help students hone their creativity and designing skills, preparing them for the real world challenges.
  • In our classes, we will also discuss the commercial aspects of the courses offered.

We can also customize training for corporate teams or group of people, while keeping their specific needs in mind.

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Certification Road Map: CertNexus


CertNexus CyberSAFE Course

Regardless of your computer experience, this class will help you become more aware of technology-related risks and what you can do to protect yourself and your organization from them.

Cyber Secure Coder

The stakes for software security are very high, and yet many development teams deal with software security only after the code has been developed and the software is being prepared for delivery

CyberSec First Responder (CFR-310)

This course covers network defense and incident response methods, tactics, and procedures are taught in alignment with industry frameworks such as NIST 800-61 r.2 (Computer Security Incident Handling), US-CERT’s NCISP (National Cyber Incident Response Plan), and Presidential Policy Directive (PPD) 41 on Cyber Incident Coordination Policy. 

CertNexus IoTBIZ

Before you can successfully plan and implement an IoT solution, you must understand the various factors that will drive your decisions. But putting IoT systems into place can be a complicated proposition with unique considerations distinctly different from traditional IT solutions.

Certified Internet of Things (IoT) Practitioner (Exam ITP-110)

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises a wide range of benefits for industry, energy and utility companies, municipalities, healthcare, and consumers. Data can be collected in extraordinary volume and detail regarding almost anything worth measuring, such as public health and safety, the environment, industrial and agricultural production, energy, and utilities. New data analysis tools have been optimized for the massive amounts of data that IoT produces, enabling well-informed decisions to be made quickly.

Certified Internet of Things Security Practitioner (CIoTSP): Exam ITS-110

This course is designed for practitioners who are seeking to demonstrate a vendor-neutral, cross-industry skill set that will enable them to design, implement, operate, and/or manage a secure IoT ecosystem