Complete range of CompTIA certifications and training in Abu Dhabi.

CompTIA provides vendor neutral IT certificates to individuals around the globe – these include the renowned A+, Security+ and Network+ certifications. With more than 2 million certified professionals, CompTIA certifications are accredited all over the world.

New Horizons offers an all-inclusive training and certification program in Abu Dhabi. We have helped a number of students pass CompTIA exams on their first try. Getting the training and certification from New Horizons will set you up for success in IT field.

The biggest point in favor of these certifications is the fact that they are not restricted to a specific technology/brand as opposed to VMware, Cisco, Microsoft and other such certifications. Even though there are naysayers who claim that CompTIA certificates have become too common nowadays, the hard truth remains that getting the training and obtaining the certificate will add to your resume, particularly when you’ve just begun in IT. In fact, CompTIA certificates are prerequisites for applying to a number of jobs.

Following are some CompTIA certification programs that we are offering at New Horizons Abu Dhabi:

  1. CompTIA A+: This certification enables you to seek jobs such as tech support rep, computer technician, printer repair tech, help desk specialist and the like. Companies such as Ricoh and CompuCom have made this certification mandatory for their service techs.
  2. CompTIA Network+: This certification opens up employment avenues such as network administration, network engineering, network tech, and so on.
  3. CompTIA Security+: Will make you eligible for jobs requiring a security clearance e.g. security specialist, security analyst, network security and so on. Organizations such as HP, Symantec, Motorola and IBM can be the possible employers for you.

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