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Get Crystal Reports training and certification in Abu Dhabi.

Crystal reports is a business intelligence application, but can be used by others too. Crystal reports provides a complete platform for the users to make a report containing a graphical representation of data, tables, different formats of report and many other features. We are offering an up to the minute training course for those who want to learn Crystal Reports.

Doesn’t matter if you have already worked on crystal reports, or you don’t even know what crystal report is, there will be a training program where you can start. Our training courses are taught by the highly qualified experts in these fields. You will learn about using Microsoft excel spreadsheet in Crystal Reports, creating and formatting reports, XML files, database expert (involving oracle, SQL server and number of databases), SAP and much more.

Our main focus is designing and layout function of crystal reports (including sorting, filtering, formatting, etc.) and a complete grip over SAP. For beginners, the concepts related to reporting and basics of databases will also be taught. At the end of the crystal reports training program, you will be able to create a high quality reports like veterans. We will not only give lectures, but you will get the hands-on training for all these tasks.

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Custom Requests/Older Versions Training

We do provide training for older versions or custom requested outline/courses, please contact our Education Consultant to get more details.

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