Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is desktop publishing software, known for its professional, and eye catching results. While we don’t see it getting discussed as often as other MS Office applications, Publisher can be a great tool for small businesses or firms, looking to create visually pleasing documents and marketing materials.

Whether you are new to Microsoft Publisher or a basic level users looking to master the advance features, New Horizons Abu Dhabi can help you with the training.
We are offering Microsoft Publisher courses to teach you basics and advanced features of Microsoft Publisher.

Microsoft Publisher Classes

You will learn the following features by enrolling in our courses:

  • All the Features of Publisher 2010
  • How to working with basic publications
  • How to work with pictures and graphics
  • How to prepare a publication for distribution
  • How to do the editing and formatting

Publisher 2016

Microsoft® Office Publisher 2016 is an application capable of producing greeting cards, certificates, newsletters, and other printed publications. Publisher includes a large collection of templates that provide a great way to start a new publication.

Publisher 2013

Students will learn desktop publishing capabilities of Publisher, including how to produce greeting cards, certificates, newsletters, and calendars, integrating mail merge features for a list of recipients and exporting publications as HTML web pages.

Publisher 2010 Basic

Students will learn how to navigate the Publisher interface, create and edit publications, arrange text and pictures, work with master pages, create and format tables, flow text across text boxes, create a facing-pages layout, and export to pdf.

Publisher 2010 Advanced

Students will learn how to control colors and gradients, create and apply styles, work with WordArt objects, and apply section page numbers and bookmarks. They will also learn how to create and manage mail merge lists and edit web forms and elements.

Custom Requests/Older Versions Training

We do provide training for older versions or custom requested outline/courses, please contact our Education Consultant to get more details.

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