Microsoft PowerPoint training and course in Abu Dhabi.

Be it a routine meeting in your office, or a sales pitch to your target customers, or interacting with other stakeholders, presenting your ideas effectively is the key to successful communication. Thanks to MS PowerPoint that gives you everything you need to produce & deliver professional presentations.

New Horizons offers a flexible PowerPoint learning program, broken down into several courses. We offer training for all older and latest versions of MS PowerPoint.  Our training programs will give you complete understanding of the features and functions of this wonderful application.

Learning Microsoft PowerPoint can help business owners, managers, and students to create concise, attractive, and engaging presentation materials and slideshows.

With the release of its latest versions, it is now packed with unique features that very few users know. New Horizons Abu Dhabi will make sure that you’ve mastered all skills, features and functions; no matter how complicated it may seem to you.

Ms-PowerPoint - What You Learn With Us

At the end of our PowerPoint courses, you will not only be able to make sophisticated and captivating presentations, but you will also get advice on how to present them in seminars, training sessions and workshops effectively and successfully. Some of the key components of our course include:

  1. Starting PowerPoint, choosing templates and adding & saving slides
  2. How to edit text and change backgrounds, font-size, colors & layouts
  3. Inserting pictures, videos and sound clips
  4. How to add, remove, delay or change the order of animations and transitions
  5. Inserting graphics/charts/diagrams and cropping pictures and adding watermarks
  6. Printing notes, slides and handouts
  7. Juggling with multiple presentations
  8. Learning keyboard shortcuts & other time saving tips and tricks

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Level 1

In this course, students will use PowerPoint 2016 to begin creating engaging, dynamic multimedia presentations.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Level 2

In this course, students learn different tools & features within PowerPoint that will help them deliver content in an informative & memorable manner. Students will create presentations that not only stand out, but also don't consume all of their time.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Level 1

In this course, you will use PowerPoint 2013 to begin creating engaging, dynamic multimedia presentations.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Level 2

PowerPoint® 2013 Part 2 provides the student with advanced tools that can help in delivering presentations in nearly any situation, while saving time and effort.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Level 1

Using the vast array of features and functionality contained within Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® 2010, students will gain the ability to organize content, enhance it with high-impact visuals, and deliver it with a punch.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Level 2

In this course students will enhance their presentation by using features that will transform it into a powerful means of communication. They will customize the PowerPoint interface to suit the requirements and use features to create presentations.

PowerPoint 2010 Transition from PowerPoint 2003

In this course, students will identify and use the new and enhanced features of PowerPoint 2010 to create dynamic and visually appealing presentations.

Custom Requests/Older Versions Training

We do provide training for older versions or custom requested outline/courses, please contact our Education Consultant to get more details.

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