Get Microsoft Word training and certification from Microsoft authorized training partner in Abu Dhabi.

Microsoft Word is more than a document processing application. It comes packed with a number of amazing features, and it keeps getting better with each release. There are other word processing software as well, but none of them enjoys the kind of popularity and widespread use like Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word Training Classes are meant to help you master MS Word.

After completing our courses, you will be able to create all types of compelling documents, from professional documents to portfolios, and reports to proposals.

MS Word Classes – What you will learn

We are not just talking about the basics. You can be an advanced user, and you will still learn a lot from our courses. Each version comes with some new functionalities and features, and we have courses for all the latest versions of Microsoft Word, including Word 2007, Word 2010, and Word 2013. Here’s what you can expect to learn from our training classes.
  • Getting Started with Microsoft Word
  • Creating, saving, and editing documents
  • Text formatting, spell-check and grammar
  • Tables, Columns, Charts & Text Flows
  • Using WordArt, Clip Art, Pictures & Shapes
  • Using style themes, headers and footers
  • Macros, versioning, and proofing with Ms Word

Microsoft Word 2016 Level 1

In this course, students learn how to use Word 2016 to create and edit simple documents; format documents; add tables and lists; add design elements and layout options; and proof documents.

Microsoft Word 2016 Level 2

In this course, students learn the features which enable them to create complex documents with a consistent look and feel. Students will also learn how to automate tedious tasks such as preparing a letter to send to every customer of your organization.

Microsoft Word 2016 Level 3

Microsoft® Word 2016 enables you to do far more than simple word processing. This course covers Microsoft Office Specialist exam objectives to help students prepare for the Word 2016 Exam and the Word 2016 Expert Exam.

Microsoft Word 2013 Level 1

In this course, students will cover the basic skills and concepts needed to use Word productively and efficiently.

Microsoft Word 2013 Level 2

Learn to use styles outline & format tables. Insert SmartArt diagrams; work with shapes. Format a document by adding sections, columns & design elements. Track Changes, prepare documents for sharing, exporting. Work with fields and perform a mail merge.

Microsoft Word 2013 Level 3

Students will learn how to work with fields and perform a mail merge, insert SmartArt diagrams, work with shapes, and format text graphically. They will also learn how to format a document by adding sections, columns, and watermarks and themes.

Microsoft Word 2010 Level 1

This course will help students prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist core-level exam for Word 2010 (exam 77-881) and the Microsoft Office Specialist Expert exam for Word 2010 (exam 77-887).

Microsoft Word 2010 Level 2

Students will work with styles, sections, and columns, use the Navigation pane to work with outlines, will format tables, print labels and envelopes, work with graphics, use document templates, manage document revisions, and work with web features.

Microsoft Word 2010 Level 3

Students will perform mail merges, create and use forms, and create master documents that include a table of contents, a table of figures, footnotes, endnotes, an index, bookmarks, cross-references, and Web frames. They will also create macros.

Custom Requests/Older Versions Training

We do provide training for older versions or custom requested outline/courses, please contact our Education Consultant to get more details.

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