Windows 7

Windows 7 is one of the most advanced operating systems offered by Microsoft for both home and business computer users. The operating system is complete in every sense. However, in order to get maximum benefits from its features, you will need to learn important elements that make you a complete Windows 7 certified professional.

We have designed the course while keeping every level of user in perspective. You will start the course from an introductory level and with progress become an advanced user. We have Microsoft certified professionals that are expert at using Windows 7 and all the features that it offers to end users. There are several important aspects which will be covered in this course. Here is an overview of the various things that you would learn about Windows 7 PC operating system.

The basic functions offered by Windows 7 as a PC operating system.

  1. The tools and applications offered to end users including MS Office suite, email applications, and others readily available to carry out common tasks
  2. Personalize the appearance of your desktop as per particular personal or business requirements
  3. Learn to manage files and folders through Windows Explorer
  4. Overview of the control panel and features that it offers end users
  5. The features offered by Windows 7 for secure and remote computing

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