Information Security E-Learning Courses

Product CategoryContent TitleNumber of Actual days Price (AED)
SecurityCISA - Certified Information Systems Auditor  52,700
SecurityCISM - Certified Information Security Manager  52,700
SecuritySAP - Security Awareness Program1600
SecurityStrategic Planning Skills1600
SecurityTactical Permimeter Defense (TPD) by SCP52,700
Security  Strategic Infrastructure Security (SIS) by SCP54,500
IT Security Management ISO27001:2013 Information Security Foundation 33,200
IT Security Management ISO27001:2013 Information Security Practitioner 53,500


1. Above Pricing includes 3 months access to video content from the date of activation, copyright courseware, Certificate and access to other supporting material
2. Trainer consultation is provided by confirming prior appointment through our Operations team in coordination with our educational consultant
3. Lab access for 5 days

Information Security Online Courses

With the advancements in technology and state of the art gadgets and software being launched on almost a daily basis, the threat of information breach is more paramount than ever. In such circumstances, being informed in information security is the need of the hour.

Hacking procedures, viruses, and security breaches are becoming more common, thereby necessitating the need for information security online courses that provide the required knowledge and skills to tackle these dangers and more.

Information Security courses are ideal for anyone who has even a little exposure to computing systems or digital systems. Considering the popularity of smartphones and personal computers, this makes just about everyone eligible for such a course.

So, even if you only have a basic understanding of how a computer works, but are at a loss when it comes to maintaining the security of your information online, then Information Security courses are the solution you desire.