Career Training

Looking to start a career in Information Technology? Hoping to make it to the top in your respective field? Not sure which career path to choose from?

Luckily, New Horizons Abu Dhabi has the answer to all these questions. Having more than 25 years of experience, New Horizons is one of the world’s most respected institutes for IT courses and certifications.

If you have made your mind about a certain training program, get in touch to be trained by highly qualified instructors. If you are still confused and unable to decide, simply talk to our educational consultants and discuss your goals. In next to no time, they will put you on the right path by explaining what type of skills and courses are required to reach your goals.

Why New Horizons

You can trust our advice, because New Horizons have helped more than 25 million students pursue a career of their dreams. Following are some salient features which are hard to match.

  1. We have experts with the experience and expertise to guide and train students
  2. The areas and subjects covered in our courses are regularly updated and we also consult with corporate clients to make sure we are providing training that will help in real life situations
  3. We have some of the most comprehensive yet compact training programs. We will teach you exactly what you need to learn, without wasting any time in bells and whistles
  4. We have world class lab and training centers, so you will get the hands on experience
  5. We have career consultants and job placement experts and successful students will get all the help and advice they need for landing a job

We don’t just stop at technical training and certifications, you can also opt for one of our business skills courses like English language, effective communication and presentation skills. All these courses and training programs will translate into growing career opportunities in the IT field.

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