Room Rentals

You can have the most excellent instructors and course contents but the training will fall short of targets if the training facilities and equipment is not good enough. Luckily, that’s not the case at New Horizons Abu Dhabi.

Our classrooms and training labs are equipped with state of the art hardware and latest version of software and applications.

How you can take Advantage:

You can use our high tech equipment and classrooms for technical training, as well as conferences or business meetings. You can rent our space and equipment to run your own staff training program, or host professional meetings. We will arrange for all the equipment and provide technical support to meet your specific needs.

There are multiple rooms available, and each one of these is well equipped with digital projectors and high speed Internet, ensuring flawless experience. Here’s what you will get.

  1. High Speed Internet Connection
  2. State of the art computer systems
  3. Digital Projectors
  4. Technical support
  5. Any kind of software or application that you want to use
  6. Audio and Visual Equipment
  7. Whiteboards and flipcharts

In short, you can trust New Horizons for all of your training or business meeting needs.

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